The reports and strategies that the Federal Council produces as part of work to implement the 2030 Agenda will be subject to a broad-based consultation process. This is designed to ensure that the interests of stakeholders from outside the federal government are taken into account in Federal Council planning.

Consultations will be held on the following outputs:

Status report

The federal government is producing a baseline assessment report on the 17 SDGs and their 169 targets. This will capture Switzerland's current contribution towards the SDGs, and identify what further action is required and appropriate under both domestic and foreign policy to achieve the SDGs and their targets by 2030. The baseline assessment will be produced every four years, with the first being published in 2017.

Country report

As part of an international review mechanism, national governments report to the UN on the status of their implementation work in what are known as 'country reports'. These are also intended to keep citizens and parliaments up to date on implementation work. Switzerland's report is based on the status report referred to above. Reporting follows a four-year cycle, with the first country report being presented in 2018.

Sustainable Development Strategy

In the future, Switzerland's sustainable development policy will be aligned with the SDGs. With this in mind, from now on the country report will also form the basis for the national Sustainable Development Strategy. The Federal Council revises this strategy every four years, with the next update due at the beginning of 2020.

Forthcoming consultations: 

Consultation Contents Date
Baseline assessment on the implementation of the 2030 Agenda As part of an online consultation, non-governmental stakeholders, the cantons and the communes will now have the opportunity to give their input to the federal government's assessment of progress with the implementation of Agenda 2030. With their contributions, they will help to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The outcomes of this consultation will inform work to produce Switzerland's 2018 country report. 26 June – 20 August 2017
Switzerland's country report

Stakeholders will be invited to respond to a draft of Switzerland's 2018 country report. Submissions from non-governmental actors will be published as part of this national report. These submissions will be coordinated by the 2030 Agenda advisory group.

Further information will be published in due course.

February– March 2018
Sustainable Development Strategy 2020-2023 Non-governmental stakeholders, the cantons and the communes will be invited to respond to a draft of the future Strategy. 2019