Public holidays

01.01.2020 WED New Year's Day
12.04.2020 SUN Good Friday (Shifted from Friday, 10)
23.04.2020 THU 1st day of Ramadan (fast)*
27.04.2020 MON 8th Sawr (Victory of the Islamic revolution of AFG)
24.05.2020 SUN Eid-ul-Fetar *
20.05.2020 MON Eid-ul-Fetar *
30.07.2020 THU Arafa*
02.08.2020 SUN Eid-ul-Adhah*
03.08.2020 MON Eid-ul-Adhah*
18.08.2020 TUE 28th Assad (Independence Day of the country)
09.09.2020 WED Martyred week
29.10.2020 THU 12th of Rabiul Awal, (Birth day of great prophet)*
24.12.2020 THU Christmas Eve
25.12.2020 FRI Christmas
31.12.2020 THU New Year's Eve

*Exact date depends on the sighting of the moon.