New app from offers daily information for Swiss citizens abroad

Article, 26.08.2021

A collaboration between the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs (EDA) and brings news closer to Swiss citizens who live and work abroad

Logo Image for the new SWI Plus app
Logo Image for the new SWI Plus app. © FDFA

The Consular Directorate at the Federal Department for Foreign Affairs has announced the launching of a new app that brings daily news and information to Swiss citizens abroad, offered by - the international unit of the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

Through the new app – SWI Plus - Swiss citizens can receive daily briefing from about the most important developments and topics. In addition to receiving the latest of what is going on in Switzerland, users will also be able to engage in the ‘debate’ section by commenting and discussing on topics of interest directly with the editorial team through SWI Arena module of the app. The ‘debate’ section is initially offered in German and in French – discussions are under way for other languages.

A description of the app in four languages can be found here:





Currently there are around 776,300 Swiss citizens living abroad who were registered with Swiss representations around the world.

Users can download the app in both Android and iPhone smartphones