Swiss business community gathers at the Nobel House

Sunday, 04.03.2018 – Saturday, 31.03.2018

Promoting economic growth and improving working conditions

Ambassador Stalder with CEOs of Swiss companies in Azerbaijan
Ambassador Stalder with CEOs of Swiss companies in Azerbaijan © Embassy of Switzerland in Baku

In early March, the Embassy organized a special evening for the Swiss business community in Azerbaijan and invited the CEOs and their spouses to the Nobel House. The social event started with a tour through the Nobel Brothers’ Museum where the guests received information about the fascinating history of the beginning of the oil industry in Azerbaijan and the Nobel House which is also called Villa Petrolea. This was the place where the famous brothers Ludwig and Robert Nobel and their families resided for a periode of over 40 years at the late 19th and early 20th century.

Following the exclusive tour, the guests were invited to the second floor of the historic building for a delicious Azerbaijani dinner prepared by the staff of the Nobel Oil Club to which the museum belongs. Ambassador Philipp Stalder gave a short welcome speech and presented Mr. Emil Hasanov as a guest speaker who gave us an insight about the more recent developments of the oil and gas industry and its continuous importance for the welfare of the country. Mr. Hasanov is a Founding Member and former President of Baku International Rotary Club.

Location: Nobel House