Kenya's Elections and Future rest in the Hands of the Kenyan People

Position, 03.05.2017

International Heads’ of Mission Statement on Kenya’s Political Party Primary Process.

As friends of Kenya, we congratulate the many Kenyans who peacefully participated in the recent political party primaries by voting and supporting the integrity of the process.  We also welcome the large number of women and young candidates and voters.  Together, millions of Kenyans stepped forward to exercise their constitutional rights and give voice to democracy.  At the same time, Kenyans from all sides also rightfully expressed frustration with the serious organizational challenges and allegations of improprieties that affected many of the polls. Even more troubling were the unacceptable acts of violence and intimidation during the process. 

As Kenya now moves toward August 8, the primaries highlight the importance of free, fair, credible, and peaceful general elections.  We encourage all Kenyans, most importantly politicians, to embrace peace and reject any incitement to violence.  We also support politically-neutral law enforcement and administration to protect all voters, activists, and candidates equally and fully. 

We endorse Kenyans’ calls on candidates to accept the result of the nominations and the outcome of the August elections in accordance with democratic and constitutional rules.  In cases where disputes arise, they should be addressed through the court system and not through threats or acts of violence or intimidation. 

The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has a great responsibility in conducting the upcoming general elections.  As partners, we pledge to continue our support to the IEBC in the task ahead and ask that all Kenyans do the same. 

Media and civil society should continue to play their constitutionally-protected and vital role without interference or impediment.  Finally, we encourage citizens to vote for the leaders of their choice on August 8.  We have no favoured party or candidate.  This is a decision for Kenyans alone to make.    

In August, Kenya has an opportunity to re-affirm its democracy to Africa and the entire world.  We stand with all Kenyans who seek free, fair, credible, and peaceful elections.   

Signed by the following Heads of Mission in Kenya: 

Robert F. Godec
Ambassador of the United States

Stefano A. Dejak
Ambassador of the European Union

Johan Borgstam
Ambassador of Sweden

Jutta Frasch
Ambassador of Germany

Ralf Heckner
Ambassador of Switzerland

John Murton
Chargé d’Affaires of the United Kingdom

Victor Conrad Rønneberg
Ambassador of Norway

Sara Hradecky
High Commissioner of Canada

Frans Makken
Ambassador of the Netherlands

Tarja Fernández
Ambassador of Finland

Mette Knudsen
Ambassador of Denmark

Mauro Massoni
Ambassador of Italy

Roxanne de Bilderling
Ambassador of Belgium

John Feakes
High Commissioner of Australia

Antoine Sivan
Ambassador of France

Pavel Rezac
Ambassador of the Czech Republic

Dr. Vincent O’Neill
Ambassador of Ireland

Dr. Harald Günther
Ambassador of Austria

Frantiśek Dlhopolček
Ambassador of the Slovak Republic

Julia Pataki
Ambassador of Romania

Juan Manglano Aboin
Chargé d’Affaires of Spain

Luisa Fragoso
Chargé d’Affaires of Portugal