Covid-19 Information
Covid-19 Information © Embassy of Switzerland

The Embassy  is following  recent news and recommendations provided by the competent authorities in the Republic of Korea and in Switzerland.

Traveling to Switzerland

Effective 17.02.2022, all entry restrictions are lifted.

The Embassy strongly recommends passengers to check with the airline and the Embassy of the transit country for further information on transit.

Traveling to the Republic of Korea

1) Visa waiver & K-ETA implementation 

Visa-free travelers who intend to enter the Republic of Korea are required to obtain a K-ETA entry authorization in advance by providing personal and travel-related information online through the website 

2) A negative PCR before departure. (effective 15.01.2021)  A negative RAT is also accepted (effective 23.05.2022)

PCR test must be done within 48 hours of departure date. From 23.05.2022, a Rapid Antigen Test is also accepted, but RAT must be done within 24hours of the departure date.

The test result must include the following information:

  • Name on your passport

  • Date of birth and/or passport number or ID card number

  • Type of test(PCR or RAT) and test results

  • Date of test and date of issuance

  • Name of the examination facility

* Not accepted as PDF file or email. It must be a physical document.

3) Quarantine: entry procedures 

Flow chart on entry: see the attachment in this link

At the immigration,

3a) Travelers with symptoms will be tested.

If positive, isolation and treatment at a hospital or treatment center

If negative, self-quarantine for 7 days at home or facility for short-term travelers

3b) Travelers without symptoms

Long term residents (living in Korea):

  • PCR test within 24hours (before 01.06.2022) / 3days (from 01.06.2022)  at the local healthcare center
  • 7 day quarantine depending on vaccination status
  • Rapid Antigen Test on the 6th or 7th day of entry (from 01.06.2022, this is recommended, not mandatory)

Short term travelers (not living in Korea):

  • PCR test on own expense within 24hours (before 01.06.2022) / 3days (from 01.06.2022)  at PCR test center in airport or any medical center that conducts PCR test
  • 7 day quarantine in government-designated facility (KRW 120,000-per day) depending on vaccination status; breaking self-quarantine could lead to significant fines, deportation or imprisonment.
  • Rapid Antigen Test on the 6th or 7th day of entry (from 01.06.2022, this is recommended, not mandatory)

Covid Test center in Incheon Airport on arrival : reservation required

4) Exceptions for quarantine

  • A-1, A-2 and A-3 visa holders
  • Travelers who received Quarantine Exemption Certificate from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea before the trip.
  • ​Fully vaccinated incoming travelers 

5) Fully vaccinated incoming travelers (effective 01.04.2022) 

People, who have been fully vaccinated either in Korea or abroad are exempted from quarantine.

People vaccinated in Korea

For those whose vaccinations information is registered in COOV app, vaccination information will be automatically linked to quarantine information input system(Q-CODE).

People vaccinated outside of Korea

Upload vaccination certificates, PCR test done within 48hrs of departure (or RAT, from 23.05.2022, done within 24hrs of departure) in quarantine information input system(Q-CODE).

Fully vaccinated means

  • after 14days and within 180days of second vaccination (one vaccination for Janssen)
  • had third vaccination (booster)

※ People who had the second vaccination and it is over 180days, are not regarded as fully vaccinated.

Swiss citizens living in the Republic of Korea

Covid-recovered travelers (effective 11.04.2022)

Long term residents who had and recovered from Covid in Korea are exempt from submitting a negative pre-departure PCR test result to re-enter Korea.

This exemption only applies to those were infected within 10 to 40 days of having tested positive and departed from Korea.

Re-Entry Permit Exemption (effective 01.04.2022)

Registered foreign residents departing after April 1, 2022, will be allowed to re-enter  Korea within 1year (2 years for permanent residents) from the date of departure, without obtaining a Re-entry Permit in advance.

Registered foreign residents intending to re-enter Korea after spending more than a year abroad must apply for a multiple Re-Entry Permit (granted for up to 2 years). 

For more information, please refer to