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Project completed

Azerbaijan and Central Asia Micro- and Responsible Finance Project

01.07.2013 - 31.03.2019

The project aims to further the development of the microfinance sector in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, but also in Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan. More responsible lending and borrowing practices are supported, which will contribute to reduce the problem of over-indebtness and at the same time make financing more accessbile for the undserved population. The project is implemented by the International Finance Corporation.

Project completed

Kant Water Supply Project

01.06.2013 - 31.12.2019

SECO has a longstanding partnership with the Kyrgyz Government aiming to develop and strengthen the urban water and sewerage sector of the country. Responding to the significant institutional and infrastructural needs, SECO engaged in 2013 in the Kant Water Supply Project (Phase I) on co-financing basis with EBRD. The municipality and water company have engaged in a public private partnership scheme. The project will rehabilitate the water and partly the waste water infrastructure of Kant and improve the management of the water company. The project with an overall budget of EUR 7,65 million, will be financed by an EBRD loan of EUR 1,5 mio., a grant by EBRD of EUR 0,45 mio. and a grant by SECO of EUR 5,7 mio.

Project completed
Project completed

Trade with Organic and Fair Trade Cotton, Phase III

01.10.2012 - 31.12.2016

This consolidation phase continues to aim at alleviating poverty of small and medium sized cotton farmers through the development of certified organic and fair trade cotton value chains for the international market. The focus will be on assuring the economic and institutional viability of the program

Project completed

Housing Microfinance Project

01.02.2012 - 31.03.2019

The living standard for most low-income households in Kyrgyzstan is low. The SECO-financed Kyrgyz Housing Microfinance Project applies an innovative approach of how low-income residents can themselves on a "do-it-yourself" basis improve their homes. So-called Housing Microfinance Loans for these home improvements will be provided by banks or microfinance institutions.

Europe and Central Asia : PPP Transaction Advisory Program

01.06.2011 - 31.12.2022

The ECA Program, managed by the International Finance Corporation IFC, is providing infrastructure transaction advisory and capacity building services to the public sector authorities to promote Public-Private Partnerships in Southeastern Europe and Central Asia.

Project completed

Osh/Jalalabad Water Rehabilitation Project

01.09.2009 - 30.12.2018

The basic objectives are to restore an uninterrupted supply of quality water to 260'000 people in Osh and 75'000 people in Jalal-Abad as well as to strengthen the capacity of the publicly owned water companies in technical, organizational and financial aspects. The project is co-financed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Project completed

Bishkek Water Supply

05.07.2009 - 30.06.2018

The Bishkek Water Company (BVK) provides potable water for domestic, commercial and public sector customers and collects and treats wastewater. BVK serves about 950,000 people and 5,500 institutional customers, including companies in the city and surrounding villages. Most of their infrastructure is outdated. Water losses are estimated at 25% of water supplied to network. BVK has limited capacity to carry out a rehabilitation programme on a larger scale.

Project completed

Strenghtening the Textiles & Clothing Sector, Phase I

01.04.2006 - 31.12.2008

This project aims to contribute to the sustainable expansion and diversification of exports of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Kyrgyzstan through increasing the competitiveness of the textile and clothing industry towards existing markets as well as towards new markets and improving the quality management infrastructure. The project will focus on two main outcomes: the first outcome is to increase the capacity and expertise of around 150 small and medium enterprises to reach a critical mass of companies able to export to several foreign markets, outomes 2 foresees an increase of sustainability in the country through trade support institutions in collaboration with the activities foreseen in the NEP (national export programme) of Kyrgyzstan.

Project completed

Karakol Water Supply Project

01.08.2005 - 30.07.2019

The proposed Project aims at improving the water supply in Karakol town by rehabilitation of the water supply infrastructure and by institutional development of the water utility. The Project shall support the Government?s strategy of decentralization and introduction of cost recovery policies.

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