Agro-economic development

Woman in the field. © Patrick zoll

The objective of this domain is to: "Focus on improving small-scale agribusiness holders’ performance and resilience and contribute to a more conducive economic environment."

Switzerland will support economic development that creates sustainable employment and income opportunities for small-scale agribusiness holders. While most donors concentrate on macro-economic reforms, Switzerland will focus its intervention on market-oriented initiatives targeting the poor and the disadvantaged. This approach should strengthen resilience and protection from displacement for marginalised communities in the most vulnerable areas of the West Bank and Gaza.

In practice, Switzerland’s objectives are: 1) improve access to quality agricultural services in selected value chains (supply side); 2) improve the productivity and competitiveness of small-scale agribusinesses (market side); 3) promote Palestinian policies and regulations that benefit small producers, and support advocacy and coordination work that challenge economic constraints and impediments. Unions and cooperatives have an important role to play in this domain. Consequently, strengthening their capacities and governance structures will be an integral part of the programme.

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