Rule of Law and Protection

Students girls inside their destroyed school, Shija'ia, Gaza Strip, February 2015. © Ali Ashour, SDC

The objective of this domain is to: "Contribute to the promotion of and respect for international law, in particular international human rights law and international humanitarian law, in view of ensuring protection of the Palestinian population’s rights in the oPt by all duty bearers."

As an important actor in the field of human rights and advocacy, Switzerland aims to strengthen the rights of Palestinians in the oPt in order to create the conditions for a viable and sustainable two-states solution. On the one hand, the impacts of the occupation on the population need to be rolled back while at the same time the rule of law should be practised by Palestinian duty bearers throughout the oPt.

The activities in this domain will be implemented by SDC and HSD in close coordination with other offices within FDFA. Main partners will include Palestinian and Israeli civil societies, international organisations and international NGOs.

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