Switzerland launches new Travel Admin App

Local news, 27.09.2019

Who hasn't run into some unexpected difficulty while travelling abroad? What do I do if I lose my passport? Is the country I'm travelling safe? Who should I contact if I have an accident? These are some of the questions people ask before or while travelling. The new «Travel Admin» application helps users to be well prepared for their next trip abroad. 

The «Travel Admin App» helps you to be well prepared for your next trip. © FDFA

Every year, the Swiss make over 16 million trips involving at least one overnight stay in another country. Some 760,000 Swiss nationals live abroad. The FDFA offers a wide range of services for all Swiss nationals travelling or living in a foreign land. The FDFA Helpline, for example, is available around the clock, 365 days a year. Travel advice on every country in the world is updated regularly and published online. This and other useful information can now also be accessed via the new Travel Admin app. 

It replaces the itineris app. «Travel Admin» was developed with the requirements of Swiss travellers in mind: the app is easy to use and has an attractive, intuitive design. The app also includes information from private sector partners in its comprehensive advice for travellers.