Switzerland continues to support the dual VET reforms in Serbia

Press release, 11.05.2018

Dual education is an integral part of the overall education reforms in Serbia. Switzerland is recognized as a reliable partner by the Serbian Government in this process. Last week’s visit of the Swiss expert for dual education is a further step within important  support.

Assistant Minister Gabrijela Grujic and Dr. Ursula Renold
Assistant Minister Gabrijela Grujic and Dr. Ursula Renold © SCO Serbia

Swiss expert, Prof. Dr. Ursula Renold, is the only international honorary member participating in the Serbian Government Commission for dual education. The collaboration between Serbia and Switzerland focuses on the challenging process of introduction and systematic implementation of the Law on dual education. The visit of Dr. Ursula Renold from the Swiss Economic Institute is part of the expert support provided by Switzerland. She plays a key role in continuous consultations upon implementation of the Law.

Dr. Renold recommended to the Serbian partners to clearly define roles and responsibilities of all involved actors, to develop by-laws, especially the one on enrollment policy, to identify targets and to introduce a monitoring system. 

The Law on dual education, adopted in 2017, Switzerland supported its elaboration with consultative and expert support. In line with the recommendation based on the Swiss experience, the law incorporated a three-year trial period to enable fine-tuning of the reforms in coordination with the education and business sectors, and taking into account feedback from students. 

The implementation of the law will be evaluated in partnership with the national research institute Center for Education Policy, and in coordination with the experts form German International Cooperation GIZ and Advantage Austria. The Swiss Economic Institute and the Serbian Center for Education Policy will introduce a management tool called Masterplan together with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development as a chair institution of the Government Commission on dual VET. The aim of the Masterplan is to steer and coordinate the whole reform process. 

Switzerland remains committed to successful implementation of the Law on dual education in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the Center for Education Policy. The new Swiss project, with a value of EUR 900’000, will support the regulatory framework, the introduction of the monitoring and evaluation system, as well as the law promotion. 

The link to the morning show on the Serbian National TV RTS with Prof. Dr. Ursula Renold and Assistant Minister of education Garbijela Grujic is here