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Welcome to this issue of the SDC newsletter!

The year is already half over and Switzerland is in top gear to complete the resettlement programme in northern Sri Lanka. With plans underway to phase out humanitarian assistance by the end of 2015, measures are in place to ensure as much as possible the sustainability of projects. Several activities are being lined up to transfer experiences from 13 years of assistance to interested and relevant actors in the field.

In July this year SDC signed a Letter of Agreement with the Ministry of Foreign Employment regarding continuous collaboration in the Safe Labour Migration Programme with the intention of promoting decent work, safety and well-being of migrant workers and their families in Sri Lanka. This Letter affirms the commitment made in the MOU signed in July 2014 and the programme will be continued for an additional four years. This edition of the newsletter presents a case study where a young woman was prevented from migrating in an unsafe manner due to lack of information, through the timely intervention of a CBO leader. Two other projects aimed at empowering the community to restore and sustain their livelihoods are also featured here.

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Swiss Talk - Issue 17

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Swiss Talk - Issue 16

Understanding psychosocial issues faced by migrant workers and their families

September 2013
Download: [en] (PDF, 671.7 kB, English)

The objective of this Background Paper is to examine the nature of the specific psychosocial issues faced by migrant workers and their families in the process of labour migration and to provide in-depth information which will enable stakeholders to work towards better psychosocial support for labour migrants and their families.

Swiss Cooperation Strategy Sri Lanka 2013-2015

February 2013
Download: [en (PDF, 1.5 MB)]