Public Private Development Partnership to improved Plumbing Education in Ukraine

The mismatch of skills and qualifications with the needs of the economy remains an important cause of low productivity in Ukraine. This Public Private Development Partnership aims at improving the quality and relevance of vocational education and training for plumbers. Improved skills and knowledge tailored to the needs of the market will contribute to increase employability and incomes of young people.

RegionCountry Topic Period Budget
Vocational training

Vocational training
Water sanitation
01.10.2018 - 28.02.2023
CHF  1’063’000
Background In Ukraine, business companies complain that they have difficulties in staffing as the workforce is inappropriately and inadequately trained, which is also true for plumbers. Decentralized vocational education and training (VET) is recognized by the Ukrainian government as a prerequisite for adapting skills and competences to the needs of the local economy. VET in Ukraine faces challenges resulting from the lack of a relevant legislative and regulatory framework and the shortage of financial resources in the regions. Vocational schools do focus on theory rather than on practical training and do not yet provide their graduates with skills and competences demanded by the market.
Target Decentralized education and vocational training system for plumbers supported by private sector investments enable young people to gain skills tailored to the needs of the market, enter the job market and achieve higher incomes.
Target group The direct target groups of the project are students, managers of VET schools and teachers as well as officials of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine. Indirect target groups are the companies, mainly SMEs working in plumbing, heating and piping sectors.

• Trainees received effective and market-oriented education on the profession of plumbers.

• Training and resource centers established within the VET schools are self-sustainable.

• New employment and self-employment opportunities for graduates are developed and linkages between VET schools and the industry are created.


Expected Results:  


Effective certification system of VET schools graduates introduced in 25 VET schools.

• Industry Board created and functional reaching out businesses in the sector and contributing to new employment opportunities of graduates.

• 3000 young people and adults received basic education combined with vocation skills development.

• 6 TRC financially self-sustainable



    Results from previous phase:  

  • New plumber training curriculum, professional standards and materials developed and introduced in 6 VET schools.
  • Training infrastructure installed in 25 VET schools with training and resource centers (19 financed by the state)
  • 260 graduates plumber-installers trained and 820 recently enrolled based on the new training curriculum.

  • Agency SDC
    Credit Swiss cooperation with Eastern Europe
    Project Partners Contract Partner
    International or foreign NGO

    Other Partners
    • Swisscontact (international NGO).

    Budget Current Phase Swiss Budget CHF    1’063’000 Swiss Disbursement Till Know CHF    662’926
    Project Phases Phase 2 01.10.2018 - 28.02.2023   (Current Phase) Phase 1 01.07.2014 - 31.07.2018   (Completed)