Promotion of Interstate Water Management Cooperation between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan on Syr Darya River Tributaries in the Ferghana Valley

Progetto concluso

The objective of the proposed project is to strengthen transboundary water resources management in the Ferghana Valley between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, to increase water and food security, reduce water-related disaster risks, and improve livelihoods. This will be reached by supporting participatory river basin planning, establishing joint river basin commissions, strengthening data and disaster risk management, and in the longer term through implementing jointly agreed investments in both traditional and natural infrastructure.

Paese/Regione Tema Periodo Budget
Asia centrale
Canbiamento climatico ed ambiente
Diplomazia e sicurezza dell'acqua
Conservazione delle risorse idriche
Environmental policy
01.09.2013 - 28.02.2015
CHF 150'000
Direzione/Ufficio responsabile DSC
Credito Cooperazione con l'Europa dell'Est
Partner del progetto Partner contrattuale
ONG internazionale o straniera
Economia privata
  • Other international or foreign NGO North
  • Settore privato svizzero

Budget Fase in corso Budget Svizzera CHF   150'000 Budget svizzero attualmente già speso CHF   95'508
Fasi del progetto

Fase 1 01.09.2013 - 28.02.2015   (Completed)