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Strenghtening the Textiles & Clothing Sector, Phase I

01.04.2006 - 31.12.2008

This project aims to contribute to the sustainable expansion and diversification of exports of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Kyrgyzstan through increasing the competitiveness of the textile and clothing industry towards existing markets as well as towards new markets and improving the quality management infrastructure. The project will focus on two main outcomes: the first outcome is to increase the capacity and expertise of around 150 small and medium enterprises to reach a critical mass of companies able to export to several foreign markets, outomes 2 foresees an increase of sustainability in the country through trade support institutions in collaboration with the activities foreseen in the NEP (national export programme) of Kyrgyzstan.

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Karakol Water Supply Project

01.08.2005 - 30.07.2019

The proposed Project aims at improving the water supply in Karakol town by rehabilitation of the water supply infrastructure and by institutional development of the water utility. The Project shall support the Government?s strategy of decentralization and introduction of cost recovery policies.

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Trams for Belgrad

30.06.2004 - 31.12.2018

The project aims to transport used trams and trailors from Basel to Belgrade and the trams to be taken over and efficiently put into use by the Belgrade Transport Company. Through the project, the service and comfort of public transport users is increased and the Transport Company Belgrade has the necessary rolling stock available to fully serve the tram network in Belgrade. The project enjoys a high visilibity in Belgrade.

The main direct beneficiary of the project is the Belgrade Transport Company GSP and the City of Belgrade.

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Ambulances for Jordan Civil Defence (Mixed Financing Line II)

04.10.2002 - 31.03.2018

The project aims at improving the ambulance services of Jordan Civil Defense by substantially increasing the fleet of modern paramedical ambulances, by training the paramedical staff along the emergency intervention chain and by introducing a comprehensive quality assurance system.


The project aims at supporting financial stability in Peru by strengthening the country's financial regulatory and supervisory framework, promoting efficient consumer protection practices and supporting the implementation of a national anti-money laundering - combating the financing of terrorism strategy. It further aspires to encourage financial inclusion by creating a favorable legal framework conducive to the development of new financial products and increasing financial literacy of existing and potential customers. The direct beneficiaries of this program are Superintendencia de Bancos y Seguros (SBS) and regulated stakeholders, including financial intermediaries, private pension managers and insurance companies. The indirect beneficiaries are the public in general an final services consumers in particular.

Objekt 4393 – 4397 von 4397