Statistics – facts and figures

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) provides humanitarian aid and longer-term development cooperation in the South and East. Its aims is pursued both through direct cooperation with the individual countries and with international organizations like the United Nations.

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International cooperation activities by the SDC and the SECO constitute the major part of Swiss Official Development Assistance (ODA). © SDC

SDC expenditures

In addition to humanitarian aid, development cooperation and cooperation with Eastern Europe, the SDC's expenditures include the contribution to the enlargement of the European Union.

Swiss official development assistance

Switzerland’s official development assistance (ODA) comprises contributions from the federal government, cantons and communes that are meant to facilitate the economic and social development of recipient countries.

Criteria and definitions

Criteria and definitions – Switzerland’s official development assistance (ODA).

Switzerland’s performance compared with other countries

Swiss official development assistance amounted to 0.44% of gross national income in 2019. Switzerland ranked 8th in comparison with other countries.