Previous editions of the newsletter

3/2020: Switzerland’s international cooperation strategy

2/2020: COVID-19: Switzerland strengthens international cooperation

1/2020: Tech4Good at the WEF: Swiss technology tackles climate change


6/2019: SDC magazine 'Eine Welt'/'Un seul monde' now also online

5/2019: People helping people in need

4/2019: Swiss International Cooperation - the year 2018 in pictures 

3/2019: More effective international cooperation: FDFA and EAER launch public consultation

2/2019: Tech4Good: Effective engagement through innovative technology

1/2019: World's largest postcard against climate change


6/2018: Humanitarian aid in Indonesia

5/2018: Migration

4/2018 : 2030 Agenda – Switzerland presents its first report

3/2018: Why are there still famines?

2/2018: Water: central for health and peace

1/2018: Securing a future for young people through education and training


6/2017: Equality benefits both men and women

5/2017: Satellite technology helps development cooperation

4/2017: Promoting Blue Peace in Central Asia

3/2017: The SDC withdraws from Vietnam after 25 years of cooperation

2/2017: Giving hope back to children and young people

1/2017: Sustainable tourism for development


6/2016: Education for sustainable development and peace

5/2016: What has become of them?

4/2016: Eradicating HIV by 2030

3/2016: Reconstruction work in Nepal

2/2016: Dispatch on International Cooperation 2017–2020

Special edition

1/2016: Paris Climate Change Conference


6/2015: 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

5/2015: Conflict resolution: no women no peace

4/2015: Annual conference: health, a forgotten human right

3/2015: Expo Milano: perspective of a smallholder farmer

2/2015: Disaster risk reduction: Switzerland participates in the Conference of Sendai

1/2015: Contribution to the enlarged EU for Romania and Bulgaria


6/2014: Ebola - Switzerland’s action