Evaluation reports

Thematic and institutional evaluations and evaluations of cooperation strategies in regions or individual countries are commissioned by SDC senior management and by the specialist service Evaluation and Corporate Controlling.

They are carried out by independent, external teams of experts and published in the Federal Council's external studies database.

Evaluation reports contain recommendations from the evaluation team and a 'management response' from the responsible administrative unit. Implementation of the prescribed course of action is followed up. Evaluations thus promote institutional learning and provide an objective basis for decisions regarding the management of current and future programmes and strategies.

The evaluation reports of the specialist service Evaluation and Corporate Controlling are published in the database for external studies of the Federal Council.

Beside these, the SDC commissions about 100 evaluations annually, which are organised by SDC divisions at head office and cooperation offices in the SDC's external network. A compilation of these evaluations can be found below under ‘Documents’.