Swiss Rescue

Logo Swiss Rescue © SDC

Swiss Rescue is made up of private and public, civilian and military partner organizations which fall under the management of Swiss Humanitarian Aid. It is specialised in locating and rescuing victims from the rubble left by earthquakes abroad and for providing initial emergency medical care.

Swiss Rescue is composed of 78 people (generalists and additional specialists, dog handlers, rescuers and emergency doctors) and 8 search dogs, and has 17 tonnes of material at its disposal. Depending on the situation single modules can be used.

Swiss Rescue can be ready for take-off within eight to twelve hours after a decision is made to deploy and can operate autonomously for up to ten days. It works together with the following eight partner organisations:

  • Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit (SHA)
    The delegate for humanitarian aid and head of SHA decides on the deployment of a mission. The funding is ensured by the Humanitarian Aid of SDC.
  • Swiss Seismological Service (SED)
    alerts the on-call service of the Swiss Humanitarian Aid Department and SHA.
  • Swiss Air-Ambulance (REGA)
    supports the initial assessment immediately after the alarm and, if necessary, provides an aircraft for the reconnaissance team.
  • REDOG – Swiss Search and Rescue Dog Association
    provides search and rescue dog teams.
  • Swiss Army / Rescue Troops
    provides rescue specialists and, if necessary, military air transport.
  • Swiss Red Cross (SRC)
    delivers and distributes aid supplies.
  • Swiss International Air Lines
    supplies a wide-bodied jet.
  • Flughafen Zürich AG
    Provides logistical services at Zurich Airport.