Strengthening Local Government Structures in Albania

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The project "Strengthening Local Government Structures" helps municipalities in Albania to consolidate modern human resources management and leadership in local administration. lt supports the public administration reform of the Albanian Government in modernizing and depoliticizing public administration, thus complying with the requirements of the European integration agenda of the country. The Albanian School of Public Administration and the Academy of Political Studies will be strengthened as training providers for public administration.

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Política del sector público
01.08.2017 - 31.12.2019
CHF 990'000

Albania has made progress in strengthening local government by initiating reforms that have restructured municipalities' territory, functions, administrative competences and finances, in order to deliver quality and equitable services to citizens. While the legal frame is set in good ground, the implementation and performance of public administration is challenging.

The European integration accession reform agenda emphasises the modernization and de-politization of the public administration as one of five key conditions for Albania.


Local government structures in Albania are strengthened through standard setting and capacitated administration on good governance principles.

Grupos destinarios

The end beneficiaries are:

  • Governing bodies who guide public administration reform agenda — the Department of Public Administration (DoPA) and the Albanian School of Public Administration (APS)
  • Local government officials, especially human resource management offices
  • APS and youth leaders
  • Citizens and communities in Albania
Efectos a medio plazo
  • Modern human resource management procedures and practices are institutionalised and sustained in LGUs through the establishment of an interoperable public administration portal
  • Capacities of the Department of Public Administration (DoPA) and the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) are developed to better coordinate and manage human resources at local level for recruitment, training management and appraisal cycle
  • The Academy of Political Studies (APS) is a strengthened actor to deliver trainings for public administration and civic education

Resultados previstos:  

A comprehensive and sustainable national online Portal for Public Administration is developed and hosted within the governmental system.

The database of local administration staff files will be managed under the integrated Human Resource Management Information System for the entire public administration in Albania.

The Department of Public Administration (DoPA) and the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) are strengthened with tools for recruitment and training delivery for administration based on modern methodologies for needs assessment and a credit based system for the trainings countrywide.

The Academy of Political Studies (APS) is offering trainings on demand of the Albanian School of Public Administration (ASPA) for the "Leadership Academy Program" and provides civic education and trainings for young groups.

Resultados de las fases anteriores:  

A new management tool was introduced for the Human Resource Management Systems at municipal level. All local level employees of 61 municipalities are for the first time ever in Albania registered in a web based platform. Human Resource Managers have been trained on the use and procedures of this platform. Help Desks, established at the Department of Public Administration and the Albanian School of Public Administration, supported local employees' needs with legal advice on practices of human resource management.

The creation of the first-ever Consultative Council where central and local government discuss their issues, was supported with expertise and provided for a milestone on the culture of political dialogue between central and local government.

The personal and professional leadership skills and international networking of 187 young political and civic leaders (50% women) has been supported on key aspects of democratic governance. 100'000 first time voters have received training and civic education on the electoral process.

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Coordinación con otros proyectos y actores

The Government of Albania's Integrated Policy Management Groups serve to coordinate the initiatives of development partners on support to good governance and public administration. Switzerland takes a leading role under the thematic sub-group for decentralization.

Synergies and complementarities among the Swiss-funded projects on local government and decentralization are ensured.

Coordination with the EU and USA shall continue on their activities supporting the Public Administration Reform.

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