Education and vocational training for Roma children

Proyecto terminado
Roma young girls participating in games at summer camps organised by Swiss-supported project.
Roma children playing and learning at a summer camp organised by the Swiss-supported project. © Jutta Benzenberg

Albania's social safety net has to be strengthened to address the conditions faced by marginalised groups, in particular the Roma. The project integrates Roma children into the education system, provides tools and skills to local social care services, and documents best cases of social inclusion for futher replication. 

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Primary education
01.11.2012 - 31.10.2016
CHF 2'250'000

The Alternated Education and Vocational Training (CEFA) Project has contributed to further inclusion of Roma children into the mainstream educational system in Albania. It has also impacted the economic standing of Roma families by introducing vocational and employment opportunities and encouraging better social care services from authorities in four municipalities.   


Providing social and educational services

Roma children have been enrolled into schools, drop-out rates have fallen and number of children who pursue education and vocations has increased in the four areas where the project works. The project identified and then registered Roma children into public schools, supported them in homework and extra curriculum activities, created summer camps where Roma and non-Roma children mingle, play and learn together, raised capacities and awareness of schools, teachers and local authorities on the needs of this community.

Developing social care capacities

Local authorities in in the municipalities of Tirana, Elbasan, Berat and Korçë were introduced to instruments and skills on providing social care to Roma communities. Meetings, roundtables and consultations were held with local government representatives to determine how they can inherit the services hitherto provided by the project, and continue to offer them.

Inclusion of Roma into the job market

The school-to-work transition and labour market insertion for Roma youngsters have been supported.  Furthermore, specific coaching for employment schemes for Roma families were developed and implemented.