The World Bank’s Multi-donor Trust Fund: The Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development KNOMAD

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Migration and development is an integral part of the global political agenda. The knowledge available to enrich international processes such as the post-2015 debate and substantiate policy developments at national level, remains however scattered. Such knowledge needs global anchoring and capacities to be produced, processed and disseminated. Switzerland is taking a lead role in addressing this situation by supporting as first donor the Global Knowledge Partnership on Migration and Development (KNOMAD), which will become an indispensable source for all stakeholders.

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01.05.2012 - 31.08.2019
CHF  5’000’000

Migration and development has gained considerable political attention in past years, be it through the UN High Level Dialogue, the Global Forum on Migration and Development and more recently in the context of the post-2015, the Rio+20 and the International Conference on Population and Development debate. Nonetheless, this has led only to a highly fragmented and little inter-connected pool of knowledge. There is a need of an all-encompassing mechanism to give value to innovative and strengthened knowledge on migration and development, to facilitate sharing and discussion on it and to make it accessible to the multiple networks of stakeholders at local, national and international/global levels.


Improving the national and international governance of migration and thereby contributing to more safe and regular human mobility, as well as maximizing migration’s stimulus to development and minimizing its negative impacts through enhanced knowledge and improved access to knowledge and information for evidence-based policies and decision making.

Gruppi target

KNOMAD will be a resource for governments around the world as well as for the Global Migration Group member agencies, the Global Forum on Migration and Development, regional and multilateral development banks, international organizations, migrants, institutions, private sector and other international processes, involved in all aspects of migration governance, be it through policy development, mainstreaming or project implementation. The ultimate beneficiaries of KNOMAD are therefore the migrants who will profit from better migration governance.

Effetti a medio termine


  1. Stakeholders will be better informed in order to effectively engage in the governance of migration. They will have access to newly generated and synthesized knowledge, based on innovative findings on migration and development issues.
  2. Stakeholders will have the means to formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate migration and development policies by getting access to tailor-made policy choices which bring out the policy implications of multidisciplinary and evidence-based knowledge.
  3. KNOMAD will have a spill-over and multiplying effect by continuously engaging with and supplying knowledge to important migration and development stakeholders and networks.


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