Swiss Review/Gazzetta Svizzera

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Swiss Review is a magazine for Swiss citizens living abroad featuring articles on a wide spectrum of topics in Swiss politics, economics and society. The Italian-language counterpart of the Swiss Review is the 'Gazzetta Svizzera'.

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (OSA) publishes the Swiss Review six times a year on behalf of the FDFA. Swiss Review is published in German, French, English and Spanish. 'Gazzetta Svizzera', the magazine for the Swiss community in Italy, is published 11 times a year.  With the Swiss Review and Gazzetta Svizzera the Confederation fulfils an obligation under Art. 10 of the Swiss Abroad Act (SAA).

© Associazione Gazzetta Svizzera (AGS)


Visit the FDFA Online Desk to subscribe or change your delivery options. If you have any problems signing up, please contact your representation. You can download the magazine or subscribe free of charge to receive it by email or iOS/Android app. Registered Swiss citizens abroad can also apply to receive the printed edition.