Modern infrastructure for border police, transport and hospitals in Poland

Article, 28.07.2010

Poland is a priority country for the enlargement contributions and has been allocated CHF 489 million, almost a half of the entire enlargement contribution. The country is now a magnet for tourists but its infrastructure, especially in rural areas, is still rudimentary.

Information pannel in Poland
Planning for the distribution of the enlargement contribution in Poland is already at an advanced stage. Ministerstwo Infrastruktury i Rozwoju

Mr Künzle – a journalist from swissinfo – spent four days visiting a number of different projects. In the course of this visit he obtained a good overview of the use of the Swiss enlargement contribution in Poland. You will find further information about the projects under the following links to the articles.

Swiss help to clamp down on smugglers in Poland (

Support for public transport infrastructure in Warsaw (

More than a Swiss facelift for Polish hospitals (