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Official visit of the President of Slovakia

10.09.2012 — Press release EDA
President Eveline Widmer-Schlumpf received the President of the Slovak Republic Ivan Gašparovič in Bern on an official visit. President Gašparovič was accompanied by the Slovak Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Miroslav Lajčák, who met his opposite number Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter for a working meeting. Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann met the Slovak Minister for Economic Affairs Tomáš Malatinský, who was also part of the official delegation.

Official visit to Bern by the Hungarian Foreign Minister János Martonyi

03.09.2012 — Press release EDA
Federal Councillor Didier Burkhalter, Head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), today received his Hungarian counterpart Janos Martonyi for an official working visit at the Von Wattenwyl House in Bern. In addition to bilateral relations, the talks covered the European policy of both countries, aspects of multilateral cooperation, and current international issues.

Additional energy efficiency project signed

31.08.2012 — Article EB

In August 2012 Switzerland signed the final infrastructure project with Hungary. The results of a first infrastructure project concluded in 2009 are already visible.

Swiss Enlargement Contribution: 210 Projects approved within the Funding-Commitment Period

18.06.2012 — Press release EDA
Switzerland has approved a total of 210 projects in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe that became EU-Member States (EU-10) in 2004, with the aim of contributing to the reduction of the economic and social disparities in the enlarged European Union. In so doing, Switzerland has fulfilled the objective set down for the first phase of the Enlargement Contribution, namely that of concluding – within the commitment deadline of 14 June 2012 - project agreements with the EU-10 in whose financing it would participate with a total amount of CHF 1 billion. Following the five-year funding commitment period, the implementation phase is now to follow. This latter phase is scheduled to come to an end in June 2017, the deadline by which the projects agreed upon are obliged to have been concluded.

Annual Report 2011 SECO/SDC on Switzerland's contribution to EU enlargement

25.04.2012 — Article EB

The approval process for projects within the frame of the Switzerland’s Enlargement Contribution unfolded in a satisfactory manner. The number of definitively approved projects virtually doubled in comparison with last year. Numerous projects that had been approved in the previous years were able to be further implemented according to plan.

Switzerland’s Enlargement Contribution to Latvia fully committed

05.03.2012 — Article EB

The signing of the last project agreement in the frame of the Swiss Enlargement Contribution to Latvia took place in Riga on 1 February 2012. This event means that the entire amount of the CHF 60 million of Switzerland’s Enlargement Contribution earmarked for Latvia has now been fully committed.

Federal Councillor Schneider-Ammann on Poland visit

29.02.2012 — Article EB

Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann was in Poland from 15 to 17 February for a series of working meetings. During his visit he met the Minister of Regional Development, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, whose portfolio includes the Swiss enlargement contribution.

The Scholarship Fund Four Academics provide an Insight into the Programme

01.02.2012 — Article EB

It was back in 2009 that the first of over 450 academicians from the new EU-Member States were accepted into the scholarship programme of the Swiss Enlargement Contribution. The transnational scholarship fund is endowed with an overall budget of CHF 45 million, thus making it possible for young, talented researchers to effectuate a maximum two-year stay in Switzerland on a research fellowship. Four scholars provide an insight into their stay, thereby giving the Programme a concrete face.

Poland is starting the implementation of infrastructure projects

15.12.2011 — Local news EB

Nine projects in the area of basic infrastructure and environmental protection with a total value of almost CHF 110 million were approved in the year 2011. The first priority is improving waste management at the communal level. A second priority concerns measures to promote renewable energies. Efforts will also be made to improve the safety and reliability of public regional transport.

Enhancing the reliability of environmental data in Estonia

24.11.2011 — Local news EB

On 24 November 2011, Switzerland and Estonia signed the first project agreement in the domain of “Environment and Infrastructure”. The project will enable the Estonian authorities to better monitor water quality, air pollution and radioactivity levels, and to localize natural hazards. Switzerland is supporting the project with a total contribution of CHF 8.5 million.

Hungary: two projects for tourism development approved

14.11.2011 — Local news EB

As part of its enlargement contribution, Switzerland is supporting two tourism projects to strengthen so-called destination management organisations (DMO) in the economic development areas of Northern Hungary and the Northern Great Plain. Both projects focus on medicinal and cultural tourism, and a total of CHF 2 million will be invested in improving tourist services.

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