Protecting the environment

Two workers with measuring instruments in Hungary
Increased use of public transport is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. © SECO

CHF 479 million of the enlargement contribution is used for environmental protection projects. This includes projects for supporting public transport, drinking water supplies, waste water treatment, energy efficient construction, use of renewable energies and biodiversity.

Switzerland has its own interest in protecting the environment as environmental pollution does not stop at borders. Many of the projects contribute to protecting our climate. To ensure sustainability, Switzerland organises educational trips, seminars and forums as part of the projects where knowledge is exchanged that can be used in the future. The majority of the projects are also infrastructure projects that do not only contribute to protecting the environment, but also reduce health risks, improve living conditions and support economic development. Asbestos removal, for instance, is important in terms of health. The development of the public transport system improves living standards. The use of renewable energies and energy efficient construction reduces electricity and heating costs. Environmental projects thus also provide new future prospects in the partner countries.