New line of garment with worldwide standard colour quality in Tajikistan

Local news, 06.02.2020

For the first time in Tajikistan, locally made cotton clothes are labelled with “colour quality guaranteed for five years”.

“Ortex”, a young producer of clothes, pioneered provision of this warranty for its products in the country. Pants and blazers in four  colors are available now in the company’s brand stores in Khujand (North Tajikistan) and partner stores in Dushanbe (the capital). According to the market demand, the company plans to increase number, type, and color of products adding spring and summer season clothes to the collection .

Last June, the Company attended ITMA-2019 Textile and Garment Technology Exhibition in Barcelona, and returned from Spain with “Gester” lab dyeing machine and set it up in its factory in Khujand. The new equipment allowed the company to master modern dyeing technology and become the first Tajik company to give warranty of long-standing color for its products.

Mr. Abduroziq Oripov, “Ortex” Director, believes that any company planning to enter or strengthen its place in foreign markets must have this kind of equipment to earn the trust and respect of customers. He says: “We are happy to contribute in reaching the industrialization goals of our country. As a manufacturer of cotton made clothes, we aim to dress our local customers with quality and well-designed clothes, as well as to strengthen our positions in regional markets keeping the image of Tajikistan made garment high abroad”.

“Ortex” expresses its gratitude to the Government of Switzerland and the International Trade Center for the provided opportunity to attend the ITMA fair, where the company’s management met with the supplier of the machine and signed the purchase agreement.

Established in 2010, “Ortex” is a cotton-made garment manufacturer and owns set of its outlets. The company produces men's and children's shirts, pants, jackets, shorts, bathrobes and other products of denim and velveteen. Separate collections of production for all four seasons are manufactured. In 2019, the company increased its production for 15% and profits for 20% in comparison to 2018. The company tightly links the growth of its production, export, and profit to the cooperation with ITC, supported by the Government of Switzerland.

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