Federal Council approves the 2014 Foreign Policy Report

Bern, Press releases, 14.01.2015

The Federal Council approved the 2014 Foreign Policy Report at its meeting on 14 January 2015. The report provides an overview of Swiss foreign policy and gives an account of Switzerland's most important foreign policy activities in 2014. It contains a chapter focusing on Switzerland's OSCE chairmanship in 2014.

The 2014 Foreign Policy Report outlines the implementation of the priorities of Swiss foreign policy defined in the Swiss Foreign Policy Strategy 2012-2015. Besides the OSCE chairmanship, the report also covers Switzerland's relations with its neighbours and the European Union, stability in Europe and around the world, strategic partnerships with non-European states, and matters relating to global governance.

The year 2014 was marked by an increase in the number of crises and growing global political insecurity. Through its foreign policy Switzerland was able to assert its interests to contribute usefully to international efforts to enhance stability and capacity for multilateral action and to build bridges in a somewhat polarised international environment.

2014 Foreign Policy Report (DE) (This text is provisional. Only the version published in the Federal Gazette is binding)(pdf, 1782kb)

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