Are we ready for more participatory democracy? Post-Brexit perspectives for the European Union and beyond.

Montag, 24.02.2020 – Montag, 24.02.2020

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Brexit is a fact. Populists around Europe are starting to lose elections, while new efforts are made to make democracy more democratic again. With the renewd European Citizens' Initiative and the Conference for the Future of Europe on track, participatory democracy is back in the spotlight across the European Union and beyond. Worldwide more than 100 countries are now applying modern forms of participatory and direct dmocracy as participatory budgeting, citizens' assemblies, petitions, initiatives and referendums.

The 2020 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy will take place in Bern, Switzerland on 23-27 September 2020. In view of this conference, we would be pleased to invite you to an exchange about current European inputs and trends, options and limits. How much will the newly revised European Citizens' Initiative be able to engage active citizens across Europe? What inputs can we provide to the Conference for the Future of Europe?

The Mission of Switzerland to the European Union and the Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy is welcoming you to this conversation with inputs by

Nathan Gardels, Editor in Chief, The World Post

Daniela Vancic, European Programme Manager, Democracy International

Mattia de' Grassi, Cabinet member in charge of the Conference on the Future of Europe, Commission VP Šuica

Anne-Marie Sigmund, Former President, European Social and Economic Committe

Bruno Kaufmann, Global Democracy Correspondent, Swiss Broadcasting Company (moderator)

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Global Forum

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