Swiss-Czech partnerships a success

Article, 15.05.2017

Nearly a hundred projects were implemented under the Swiss-Czech partnership fund. These range from the construction of a cable car system and the promotion of non-motorised transport to cooperation between Czech and Swiss vocational schools. Our photo gallery presents some of the projects.

Switzerland's contribution to EU enlargement has been used to promote the sustainable development of the Czech Geopark Ralsko.

At the partnership fund closing event in November 2016, representatives of the Swiss-Czech cooperation programme agreed that the nearly one hundred projects had been a valuable knowledge-sharing experience and had strengthened cooperation ties between the two countries. The general consensus was that the projects backed by the fund helped to reduce social and economic disparities within the Czech Republic.

The partnership fund established as part of Switzerland’s enlargement contribution to the Czech Republic awarded grants of between CHF 10,000 and CHF 250,000 to small-scale projects since 2009. The partners included Czech and Swiss foundations, associations, municipalities and cities. 

Diverse partnerships

The partnership fund supported a wide range of projects – from cable cars and non-motorised mobility to cooperation between Czech and Swiss vocational schools – in subject areas that included culture, environmental protection and health promotion. Both Czech and Swiss partners benefited from the cooperation and knowledge exchange. "Projects like these are good for promoting mutual understanding and international cooperation," says Beat Aemisegger, president of the Geopark Sardona association. In 2015–2016 Geopark Sardona worked with Czech partners on a sustainable development strategy for Geopark Ralsko, north of Prague. More information on this and other projects can be found in the photo gallery. 

Presentation of projects financed under the partnership fund

The photo gallery introduces five projects that were implemented as part of the Swiss-Czech partnership fund.

Partnership funds in the new EU member states

The partnership funds set up under the auspices of Switzerland's contribution to EU enlargement facilitate cooperation between institutions in the new EU member states and Swiss partners. The focus is on sharing experience in a specific area of expertise. Institutions and government agencies in partner countries can thus benefit from established Swiss expertise, while Switzerland also gains experience through international cooperation. In addition to the Czech Republic, partnership funds also support institutional partnerships between Switzerland and Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia and Hungary.