25th anniversary of Swiss presence and cooperation in Albania

Highlights from the first day of 25th anniversary events at the Centre for Dialogue and Openness at the Prime Minister's office.


Swiss-Albanian economic and business relations and launching of Chamber of Commerce

Highlights from the second day of the 25th anniversary events at the Plaza Hotel, Tirana.  


Social science research and societal change: speech by Swiss Ambassador Christoph Graf

On September 2nd, 2016, Swiss Ambassador in Albania Christoph Graf addressed the closing conference of the Regional Research Promotion Programme - RRPP - and spoke about the importance of research for good policies and knowledge in the Western Balkans. 

Please watch the video here.

Breakfast with Roma children

On June 26th, 2015, Swiss Ambassador Christoph Graf greeted a group of Roma children who participated in summer camps in four cities in Albania. The Breakfast with Roma Children was organised by Ndihmë për Fëmijët (Help for Children), a local foundation supported by Switzerland in its work to increase education and income opportunities for Roma.