New report on quality standards indicates key challenges of Albania’s agricultural exports

Article, 02.05.2023

A study report on border rejections of Albanian exports reveals useful information on quality standards required by key global markets. The report is prepared by the "Global Quality Standards Project", funded by the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO and implemented by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation UNIDO.

Cover of the Standards Compliance Analytics report .
Cover of the Standards Compliance Analytics report. © FDFA

The Standards Compliance Analysis report on border rejections for Albanian products was launched today in the presence of representatives from line ministries and agribusiness sector. This presents valuable information on the types of agricultural and food products that are being stopped and rejected entry in destination markets.

"Enterprises in Albania need to comply with international and European standards. This is a precondition for the competitiveness of the country’s products/exports. Thanks to this report we can know better about the goods and products that are being rejected in border crossings, by whom and why”" said Patrik Meier, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of Switzerland.

"This study is useful not only for the export sector but also for the work of our Ministry. It will serve as the basis for the expertise we plan to mobilise in order to reach our export objectives", said Enio Civici, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.

According to the study there are two main reasons for rejection of Albanian agri-food products: high traces of pesticides and insufficient labeling. In addition to the categories of products being rejected and to the reasons why, the report offers recommendations for the government, stakeholders, and farmers. It focuses on EU, US and China where Albania’s exports have higher volumes and also higher rates of rejections.

Based on the tool of standards compliance analytics the study will serve as a reference for further steps in ensuring compliance of Albanian agricultural products with key global standards and in reducing the rate of rejections. The report helps governments allocate their limited resources and capacities in those aspects of standards compliance that bring the biggest gains in exports.

The Global Quality Standards Project is supporting Albania with expertise on compliance with quality standards for the key export markets.