Livestock Development in the South of Armenia

Project completed

The Syunik region in Armenia's south produces high-quality beef and dairy products, but many of these livestock farmers are unable to make the most of their animals. This project funded by the SDC helps 7,000 families to increase their milk and meat production, and thus increase their incomes. To achieve this goal, the SDC provides support to local veterinary services, facilitates market access and encourages farmers to acquire specialist knowledge and share it among themselves.

Country/region Topic Period Budget
Agriculture & food security
Employment & economic development
Agriculture value-chain development (til 2016)
SME development
Agricultural development
01.09.2011 - 30.11.2016
CHF  5’412’550

The region of Syunik is one of the most disadvantaged regions of Armenia due to its extreme remoteness, bad roads and unfavourable climatic conditions. Agriculture and food processing have always been the main economic bases in the region. However, as a result of low efficiency in production and limited access to markets, farmers face difficulties to graduate from self-subsistance to more market oriented farming.


Strengthening of livestock sector in the regions of Goris and Sisian and incrase of income for farmers in the targeted communities.

Target groups

The main target groups are the different stakeholders involved in the livestock sector (milk processors, veterinaries, input suppliers, etc). Final project beneficiaries are about 7'000 farmers/smallholders families (about 30'000 people) in the regions of Goris and Sisian.

Medium-term outcomes
  • Access to the milk market: a minimum of 1'400 farmers deliver stable qualities and quantities of milk and have access to reliable markets
  • Access to the meat market: a minimum of 800 farmers have access to reliable markets for meat
  • Access to farm support services and infrastructure: at least 4'500 farmers have improved access to relevant support services and inputs
  • Capacities and skills development: at least 1'400 farmers have improved their farm practices
  • Local authorities play a conducive and effective role in the livestock sector

Results from previous phases:  

In previous phases a successful Public Private Development Partnership with a local diary company and links with other private market players in the dairy and meat value chains were established. This and other interventions (e.g. improving veterinary services) led to an increased production of meat by 16% and milk by 11%, allowing for an average annual income increase per farmer of between 110 and 200 CHF.

Directorate/federal office responsible SDC
Credit area Swiss cooperation with Eastern Europe
Project partners Contract partner
International or foreign NGO
Private sector
United Nations Organization (UNO)
  • Food and Agricultural Organisation
  • Swiss Private Sector
  • Strategic Development Agency (SDA); Armenian Ministry of Territorial Administration; Regional authorities; Municipal authorities; Animal traders, farm input suppliers, dairy and meat processing companies

Budget Current phase Swiss budget CHF    5’412’550 Swiss disbursement to date CHF    5’368’720
Project phases Phase 5 01.12.2017 - 31.08.2021   (Completed) Phase 4 01.09.2014 - 31.12.2021   (Completed)

Phase 3 01.09.2011 - 30.11.2016   (Completed)