Disaster risk reduction, emergency relief and reconstruction

 People being provided with water from a tank in South Sudan

Emergency relief means saving lives, alleviating suffering, and ensuring survival. Damage is repaired as rapidly as possible, and additional emergency measures are taken to help the victims survive. The next step is to re-establish basic supplies and services and to support the afflicted population in the task of reconstruction.

The SDC's worldwide engagement

Complementary to DRR mainstreaming projects, SDC (co-)finances several DRR targeted projects:

1. Cyclone Shelter projects

  • Community based multipurpose cyclone shelters: Construction of 12 multipurpose cyclone shelters in Bagerhat district
  • Emergency Cyclone Recovery Restoration Project (ECRRP): Financial contribution to an extensive World Bank project for reconstruction and improvement of cyclone shelters and rehabilitation of embankments in coastal belt. Switzerland has committed to provide around CHF 7 million to the Bangladesh Climate Change Resilience Fund (BCCRF) by 2015 and part of this contribution will be used to build more cyclone shelters and repair many existing ones in Bangladesh.  

2. Response to cyclone affected areas of costal belt:

  • Response to cyclone Sidr (2007): Emergency and recovery activities
  • Response to cyclones Aila (2009): Recovery, cash for livelihood activities, repairing of communal infrastructure etc.

3. DRR Capacity building

  • Children based DRR Initiative in schools: Awareness and capacity building of children and teachers.
  • Capacity Building through E-learning options: Creation of an operational training system of disaster response management for governmental officials.
  • DRR Master Course at University of Dhaka: Financial contribution to assure access to know-how in the field of risk assessment and management.
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in DRR in Switzerland (EPFL)/India (IISc): Financial support for course participation of Bangladeshi students and lecturers.

4. Early Recovery Facility: SDC is contributing CHF 1.50 million to support UNDP led 'Early Recovery Facility (ERF)' project.

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