Private sector development and financial services

During the period 2013-2017, interventions in this domain will increasingly operate in areas and sectors where Local Governance or Skills Development programmes are active, fostering coordination and synergies. In this respect, also recognizing the growing pace of urbanisation in Bangladesh, the programme will extend its interventions to smaller municipalities in rural areas in a way that will strengthen rural-urban linkages. The programme will contribute to and benefit from close collaboration with the SDC Global Programmes on Food Security and Climate Change.

The goal of Swiss-funded interventions in the domain of Market Development is to contribute to the improvement of poor and disadvantaged peoples’ well-being by increasing incomes and employment for poor men and women. The expected outcomes for this portfolio are:

  • Farmers and enterprises make use of improved services
  • Private and public service providers sustainably offer improved pro-poor and gender-sensitive services
  • The public and private sectors contribute to improving the business environment

Unemployment and underemployment remain the most serious development problems facing partner countries of the SDC. Only if people have access to productive, reasonably paid employment that enables them to earn an income, can global poverty be sustainably reduced and the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) be achieved.

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