Swiss companies in Brazil

Swiss companies have been present in Brazil for a long time. Already in the 19th century, they sent commercial representatives to Brazil and started to produce locally in Brazil in the 20th century. Nowadays, Swiss companies employ more than 68’000 people in Brazil, the consolidated Swiss capital investment amounts to over 13.6 Bi SFr. (SNB, end of 2015).

Therefore, a holistic investment protection is crucial for the Swiss economy. Switzerland aims at consolidating bilateral treaties with Brazil in order to guarantee such a protection as well as to avoid double taxation.

For the development of bilateral commercial and economic relations, Switzerland and Brazil engage in a Joint Economic Commission (JEC), in which concrete cases of challenges to companies are addressed (namely dialogue with government officials) in order to develop solutions.

In certain cases the Swiss representations in Brazil can provide consular or diplomatic protection to companies.

Besides the Swiss Business Hub in São Paulo and the Swiss Embassy in Brasília, the Swiss-Brazilian Chamber of Commerce (SWISSCAM) represents the interests of Swiss companies in Brazil. The Swisscam possesses a list of Swiss companies in Brazil and the newly settled companies are very welcome to register at the chamber of commerce.