Swiss Ambassador
Swiss Ambassador in Denmark ©DFAE

Dear Visitor,

I extend to you a warm welcome to the official website of the Embassy of Switzerland in Denmark.

This platform is meticulously curated to offer you not only essential information about Switzerland but also to serve as a nexus for fostering valuable contacts both in and with our country. Through this digital medium, our ambition is to augment the knowledge in Denmark about Switzerland and to further intensify our political, economic, academic, and cultural exchanges.

It is worth highlighting that Denmark and Switzerland share more than superficial resemblances, such as our national flags adorned with their iconic white crosses set against a vivid red backdrop. Behind these symbols lie nations marked by a spirit of innovation, robust economies, and thriving high-tech industries complemented by modern service sectors. Our identities are further etched by our unique statures in the global trade landscape, befitting our distinct geographic locations: Switzerland's emblematic position at the heart of Europe and Denmark's maritime embrace.

In an ever-evolving world, our two nations resonate with a synchronized perspective on the pressing challenges of contemporary society. Issues such as sustainable development, environmental protection, and advances in healthcare, education, scientific exploration and innovation are at the forefront of our shared vision. These multiple congruencies underscore the need to combine our efforts and ensure enhanced and synergistic collaboration between governments, industries, academia, research institutes and, most importantly, our citizens.

Under my aegis and with the unyielding dedication of my team, our primary mission is to facilitate and amplify such collaborative endeavors. An Embassy, in its truest essence, is a conduit for bridging communities, igniting synergies, and championing innovative thought. In line with this ethos, we regularly orchestrate diverse events to foster these connections. Nonetheless, our doors and channels remain perennially open, and I earnestly invite you to approach us with any project ideas, suggestions, inquiries, or concerns you may harbor. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Looking forward to a future replete with mutual growth and understanding.



Mauro Reina

Ambassador of Switzerland to Denmark