House of Switzerland in northern Italy – at the heart of the Alps and our national interests

Press releases, 03.03.2023

At its meeting of 3 March 2023, the Federal Council has decided to capitalise on the 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in Milano Cortina as a platform to promote Switzerland and its national interests. Northern Italy is one of Switzerland's most important neighbouring regions in economic terms. The House of Switzerland will focus on sustainability and innovation as well as the Alps as a common living and economic space.

The 2026 Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be held in various locations in northern Italy, from 6 to 22 February for the Olympic Games and from 6 to 15 March for the Paralympics. The event is expected to attract a great deal of attention both in the host country and around the world. In its decision today, the Federal Council tasked the FDFA's Presence Switzerland to capitalise on these major sporting events with the House of Switzerland to further promote Switzerland's image and interests abroad. In cooperation with both private and public sector partners, the House of Switzerland should act as a platform for communication and exchange in the service of Swiss interests. The venue will target both the general public and high-ranking representatives from politics, business, science, education, culture, civil society, tourism and sport. The goal of the House of Switzerland is to cultivate networks in this strategically important neighbouring region and to strengthen existing cooperation.

Focus: sustainability and innovation in the Alps

The main theme of this year's House of Switzerland is the geographical overlap between Switzerland and Italy with the Alps as a common living and economic space, as well as the challenges the two countries share being located in the Alpine arc. Focusing on sustainability and innovation, it will promote an image of Switzerland as an innovative, effective and responsible country by showcasing Swiss initiatives, cutting-edge companies, innovative products, as well as the sustainable commercial use of mountainous regions and the future of mountain tourism. Sustainability will also play a key role in the actual implementation of the House of Switzerland, whereby the design should be as climate-neutral as possible and use sustainable transport as well as local suppliers.

A Swiss presence in the city and in the mountains

As with previous Winter Games, the House of Switzerland will be present at several locations in order to reach the various target groups – in Milan's city centre and the northern Italian alpine resorts hosting the main disciplines in which Swiss athletes excel. Each location will be open to everyone, to create meeting points where people can come together to honour and celebrate Switzerland's sporting successes in an atmosphere of traditional Swiss hospitality.

The total cost of Switzerland's presence at the Milano Cortina 2026 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games is CHF 4 million, 25% of which is financed by sponsors.

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