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Starting with humanitarian assistance in 1998, Switzerland’s cooperation with Kosovo has gradually shifted towards supporting transition processes and progress towards European standards and values. In 2008, Switzerland was one of the first countries to recognize the Republic of Kosovo and to establish diplomatic and consular relations. Switzerland and Kosovo have since then developed a trusted partnership based on mutual interests and rooted in the spirit of the cooperation agreements between the two governments. Today, Switzerland is Kosovo’s third largest bilateral cooperation partner.

The Cooperation Programme 2022–25 was jointly developed by:

Involving three Federal Departments, it represents a good example of a Whole-Of-Government Approach. All the institutions closely cooperate in the implementation of the Cooperation Programme through partnerships with government offices, civil society and the private sector, led and coordinated by the Swiss Embassy in Kosovo.

Strategic Orientation of the Swiss Cooperation Programme 2022–25

The overall goal of the Swiss Cooperation Programme for Kosovo 2022–25 is to foster an inclusive and peaceful democratic society and contribute to sustainable economic development and the advancement of climate change mitigation and adaptation. Cooperation will pursue tangible results in three mutually reinforcing portfolio outcome areas, as follows:

Democratic governance and peace

Swiss portfolio outcome 1: Women and men enjoy the benefits of strengthened democratic governance and peace.

Sustainable economic development

Swiss portfolio outcome 2: Women and men benefit from inclusive and sustainable economic development and decent employment.

Climate change, water and health

Swiss portfolio outcome 3: The population benefits from improved climate change resilience, sustainable water resources management and equitable access to high-quality public services.

Moreover, migration will remain an important topic. The Migration Partnership will provide the overall framework for engaging in migration dialogue and strengthening migration policy development and migration management, in particular regarding third country migrants.

The total amount of Swiss funds for Kosovo comprises of CHF 86 million for the period 2022–25.