Trade promotion in Malaysia

EFTA and Malaysia sign Joint Declaration on Cooperation

The four EFTA States (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland) and Malaysia signed a Joint Declaration on Cooperation on 20 July 2010 in Geneva. Through the Declaration, both sides commit to further enhancing their bilateral economic relations and negotiations on an 'Economic Partnership Agreement' were launched in November 2012. EFTA has established one of the most extensive networks of preferential trade relations world-wide. Its network of Free Trade Agreements currently extends to 31 countries and territories. With several partners, free trade negotiations are currently under way.


Trade promotion through the Embassy

The Swiss Embassy participates since 2003 in local Trade Fairs whenever there is enough interest from Swiss companies to be represented by the Embassy. The aim is to enhance the presence of Switzerland at the various Fairs and to help interested companies to come into the Malaysian Market at a very low cost. The Trade Officer of the Embassy introduces the participating companies to the prospective customer and hands out documentation and product catalogues. At the end of the Fair each participating company receives a report and a list of the potential business partners for further networking. In order to finance the booth a small contribution is asked from each participating company.

For further information on how to do business with Switzerland contact our Trade Officer or visit the following website.