Driving licence and vehicles

If you are planning to leave Switzerland and move abroad, or you have already done so, this page explains the steps you need to take with regard to your Swiss vehicle registration document and Swiss number plates, as well as the requirements you need to meet in order to drive on your Swiss licence in other countries. It also explains under what conditions you may drive in Switzerland on a foreign licence.

Translation and legalisation of Swiss driving license

If you want to request a philippine driving license, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) needs a translated and legalised copy of your Swiss driving license. This document will be issued by this Embassy as follows:

1. You may come to the counter at the Embassy with your original driving license and we will translate and legalise the document the same day. Costs PHP 2'550.00.


2. You may send the original driving license and PHP 2'800.00 by LBC to the Embassy. We will return the document and the original driving license by LBC as soon as possible.

We are at your disposal for any further questions.

Driving license (PDF, 1 Page, 16.2 kB)