Application for Schengen visa and procedure

Online visa application process

Follow the link below to apply online for a Schengen Visa. All supporting documents and visa form will have to be submitted personally by the Embassy of Switzerland in Bucharest. 

Please note that application must be submitted on a timely manner. Application submitted less than 15 days before the planned travelling date might not be accepted. Processing time varies between one week and several weeks. Please note that if the visa applications are not submitted on a timely manner, delay in travel plans may incur. 

Online visa application process

In order to start the online visa application process, please visit the web-site and fill out an online application form with your personal information as well as the information pertaining to your upcoming trip.

At the end of the process, please open the PDF format document and print, date and sign your application. Then press “send” in order for the application to become active.

After filling out the application online, an automatic generated e-mail with a link will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.

Please click on the link and select an available appointment at your convenience

The day of your appointment, please submit the printed application form along with your passport, 2 passport pictures, Schengen visa fees and the required supporting documents as per the list of requirements.

Family and group applications are also possible however each applicant has to have an individual appointment.