In line with the FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors to increase external transparency about the partnerships entered into by Switzerland’s embassies and consulates abroad, we are providing a list of the current-year sponsorship partners and the corresponding events.


For 2023, our confirmed partners are: 

  1. Brarlirwa : 359’000FRW in kind 
  2. Rwacof: 1'500'000FRW et 227'000FRW in kind 
  3. 5 Swiss Hotel : 300'000FRW  et 120$ in kind 
  4. Fire&Stone: in kind
  5. Tête au cœur association: services
  6. Secam et La cachette: in kind
  7. Amata N’ubuki : advice 

 (last update 28.08.2028)