Swiss Contribution Office Bratislava

Swiss Contribution Office Bratislava
Swiss Contribution Office Bratislava ©FDFA

Swiss contribution

Since 2007, Switzerland has participated in various projects designed to reduce economic and social disparities in the EU.

The Swiss Contribution Office (SCO) at the Embassy of Switzerland in Bratislava has been opened in April 2022. The SCO coordinates and monitors the implementation of the Second Swiss Contribution to the Slovak Republic. It works closely with Ministry of Investments, Regional Development and Informatization (MIRRI) of the Slovak Republic which has the authority to administer the funds of the Second Swiss Contribution. MIRRI has established a National Coordination Unit (NCU) for the Swiss-Slovak Cooperation Programme. 

Second Swiss Contribution

The Second Swiss Contribution is a continuation of the technical and financial aid that Switzerland has provided to 13 EU member states, including Slovakia, since 2007 in the framework of the Enlargement Contribution.

From a total of CHF 1.102 billion made available by the Second Swiss Contribution in 13 EU countries for cohesion, CHF 44.2 million are allocated to the implementation of programs in Slovakia.

Switzerland thus continues its efforts in reducing economic and social inequalities within the enlarged European Union, showing solidarity and strengthening its bilateral relations with selected EU member states. The Swiss contribution does not just provide finance – it also aims to strengthen existing partnerships and foster new ones between institutions in Slovakia and Switzerland.

Until the end of 2029, the Swiss-Slovak Cooperation Programme will focus on three thematic areas of engagement: increasing quality and attractiveness of the vocational education and training, supporting sustainable tourism and biodiversity in the Slovak national parks and promoting health prevention and health literacy. 

Swiss Enlargement Contribution (“First Contribution”)

Between 2007 and 2017, Switzerland contributed CHF 63.5 million to the successful implementation of 21 projects in Slovakia. The projects were strategically focused on safety, stability and reform support, environment protection and infrastructure as well as on promoting vocational education and training in an effort to reduce youth unemployment and foster the social inclusion of young people from marginalized Roma communities.