In line with the FDFA Guidelines on Partnering with Sponsors to increase external transparency about the partnerships entered into by Switzerland’s embassies and consulates abroad, we are providing a list of the current-year sponsorship partners and the corresponding events.

Embassy of Switzerland in Caracas

For 2023, our confirmed partners are (last update on 29.11.2023):

Partner Project
GBG Arts "Boarding pass al jardín"; "Oswaldo Vigas: exhibición de dos actos acumulativos, acto 2. Extended version"; "Art: Made by Venezuelan Women"
"Fundación Espacio Suizo" "II Festival Eurovenezolano de Jazz"
"Fundación John Boulton" "Orígenes y originarios: Fotografías de Barbara Brändli"
"Cacao Cultura" Helvetica 65
Nestlé Venezuela Swiss National Day: Stand with "Dolce gusto" coffee