Location Promotion Activities

Location Promotion

The Swiss Business Southern Africa (SBHSA) is the first point of contact for local companies, managers, advisers and other interested parties wanting to localise their business in Switzerland. As part of the mandate on behalf of the Swiss Government (State Secretariat for Economic Affairs SECO), the SBHSA works closely with the regional and cantonal business promotion agencies in Switzerland.

The SBHSA informs you about the advantages of Switzerland as a business location and offers the following services:

  • Swiss economic and business structure
    Information about Switzerland’s unique selling points, administrative and legal environment, practical steps to establish a company, labour market and laws, financial issues (costs and tax), real estate, etc.
  • Local economic networks
    Introduction to key stakeholders who can help accelerate your expansion. Assisting with the choice of business site(s), organization of fact-finding visits to possible locations/partners/contacts, guidance on staff recruitment, etc.
  • Support in finding the right business or research partners in key Swiss industries
    The SBHSA benefits from a wide network of economic and technological contacts. It offers an introduction to relevant research and technology transfer centres, business networks and clusters.

Key advantages of Switzerland as a business location

There are numerous good reasons to choose Switzerland as a business location. Innovation and technology, a liberal economic system, political stability and the close interlinking with foreign markets, an excellent education and health system, outstanding infrastructure and the high quality of life as well as a competitive tax system are only a few of them.

Switzerland’s strong education system is the basis of excellently educated specialists and more than 60 higher education establishments. Thanks to this and a business-friendly climate, Switzerland proves to be the hot-spot for research and development with high innovative strength and productivity.

Low capital costs, currency stability, solid purchasing power and a moderate tax burden make the Swiss economy one of the most liberal economies in the world. Moreover, the federalist political system together with direct democracy and political and economic stability guarantee high investment safety.

Besides numerous economic factors, Switzerland also offers excellent conditions for an optimal work-life balance. Breathtaking landscapes, outstanding infrastructure, exciting cultural events and attractive real estate offers serve to create a very high standard of living in a country greatly favoured by expats.

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