Traditions – facts and figures

Traditions and customs are an integral part of everyday life in Switzerland.

Spring festivals and customs

Many spring festivals in Switzerland tie in with the religious festival of Easter.

Summer festivals and customs

Summer is the time when Switzerland celebrates its National Day (1 August). The ‘Federal Fast Day’ is held in late September.

Autumn festivals and customs

Most autumn festivals tie in with the crop and grape harvests.

Winter festivals and customs

Switzerland has a host of traditional winter festivals. One of the reasons why more festivals are held at this time of year is because winter tends to be a relatively quiet time for the farming community.

Swiss flag

The origins of Switzerland’s distinctive red flag with a white cross date back to the 14th century.

National anthem

The current Swiss national anthem has been in use since 1961.

National Day

Switzerland celebrates its National Day on 1 August.

Mythical figures

There are several mythical figures that have helped forge Switzerland's identity.