Package approach

The Federal Council wants to stabilise and further develop the bilateral approach with the EU. The so-called package approach consists of a variety of elements and thus offers the prospect of a balance of interests.

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Swiss Contribution

Swiss contribution

With the Swiss contribution, Switzerland invests in security, stability and prosperity in Europe. It strengthens and deepens its bilateral relations with partner countries and the EU as a whole.

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Close relations with European states

Switzerland has numerous links with individual European countries, especially its direct neighbours, and maintains close relations with them.

Bilateral country relations

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Internal security and migration challenges require international cooperation. Switzerland works closely with European states in the areas of justice, police, visas and asylum.

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The flags of Switzerland and the EU

History of Swiss–EU relations

The 1972 Free Trade Agreement laid the foundation for Swiss–EU relations, which are now regulated by over 100 bilateral agreements. Switzerland is a reliable and committed partner for the EU, its member states and for the EEA and EFTA states.

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