The permitted maximum Civpol contingent is 30 persons, police officers or border police. On average 40% of the contingent is deployed. The priority regions for Switzerland are Africa and the Balkans.

World map showing all current and previous deployments. OSCE Austria 2015– EUPM Bosnia and Herzegovina 2003–2011 EULEX Kosovo 2008–2015 EUPOL PROXIMA Macedonia 2004‒2005 UNOMIG Georgia 2002‒2009 UNSMIL Libya 2013‒2014 MINUSMA Mali 2013‒ & EUCAP Sahel Mali 2016‒ UNOGBIS Guinea-Bissau 2010‒2012 UNOCI Ivory Coast 2003‒ UNMIL Liberia 2003‒ UNMISS South Sudan 2012‒2016 MONUSCO Congo (Dem.Rep.) 2004‒2005 & 2012–
Interactive world map showing all current and previous deployments. © FDFA

OSCE Vienna

Switzerland seconds a police expert in Vienna to the Secretariat of the OSCE. This expert works as an adviser for the fight against trafficking in human beings.

MONUSCO Democratic Republic of Congo

Protecting the civilian population and supporting the government's measures to consolidate peace, including overseeing troops on location and ensuring respect for the civilian population's fundamental rights

MINUSMA and EUCAP Sahel Mali

The UN supports the political process aimed at restoring peace in the country; whereas the EU enforces and modernises its security forces.

Previous Missions

Civpol missions in Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Guinea-Bissau