Bilateral relations Switzerland–Chad

Relations between Switzerland and Chad are good and focus mainly on development cooperation.

Key aspects of diplomatic relations

Switzerland has defined a strategy for sub-Saharan Africa for the period 2021-24.

In the Sahel region, which includes Chad, Switzerland focuses primarily on promoting peace, the respect for international humanitarian law, the bolstering of basic services, and the sustainable management of natural resources.

Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy 2021–24 (PDF, 48 Pages, 3.1 MB, English)

Treaty database

Measures to promote peace and human security

As domestic rivalries and ideological divisions have a strong influence on the country's governance, the Peace and Human Rights Division of the FDFA has launched peace promotion activities as well as measures to strengthen governance and the inclusion of women in Chad.

Development cooperation and humanitarian aid

Chad is a priority country for Swiss international aid. Cooperation has been under way since 1965. Swiss cooperation aims to combat poverty and contribute to peace and stability in the country by aiming its actions at the causes of the precarious conditions. It implements complementary activities in development, humanitarian aid, and peace policy, while seeking synergies through a regional approach.

Development cooperation and humanitarian aid

Swiss citizens in Chad

According to statistics on the Swiss abroad, 31 Swiss citizens were living in Chad at the end of 2020 and 80 citizens of Chad were living in Switzerland.